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Do’s and Don’ts of Trademark registration

 A trademark is like the identification of your business. It represents your brand value and links it to your quality, credibility, experience, goodwill, and reputation. Hence, it is an essential asset to your company, it must be protected and enforced in the right way.


In this blog, we will explain to you a few dos and don’ts that you must follow in trademark registration so that before you do trademark registration online in Mumbai, you are well aware of all the facts.


1. Remember trademark renewal dates 


You must show that you are using actively using the trademark that you have registered. Hence, USPTO requires you to regularly file renewals to prove it. They always send one email reminder and along with with with it the deadlines. The rest must be taken care of by the trademark holder.


If you somehow miss the date then if you within six months of it, you may also be able to pay additional fees to renew.


2. Keep tabs on new trademark filings


Always keep tabs on your competition and this also includes a trademark that is similar to your trademark. It can drastically weaken your overall brand value. USPTO is not 100% efficient in rejecting similar trademarks and hence it is your job to monitor new trademark fillings and lodge an objection if something too similar pops up.


3. Ensure your trademarks evolves with your business.


As your business grows, so should your trademark. For example, if your t-shirt business branches out into other promotional items, you will need to file additional trademark applications to cover these new classes of goods. You should protect your brand by taking the right trademark action as your business grows.


4. Don’t let emotions into the trademark enforcement process


Somehow if you find another company with a similar trademark as yours, then do not send nasty emails. You should contact your attorney first and resist the urge to behave angrily and emotionally. Your attorney is your best friend when it comes t any trademark infringement and enforcement issues.


5. Do not ignore the market and use an incorrect trademark symbol


You should know the complexities of symbols like “TM” and “R” which you use above your trademark. It is important to use the correct trademark symbol because it will appear on your websites, papers and other marketing copies. This will help you in case of infringement issues in the future.


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