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What are the alarming patterns in Patent Services in the India?


A patent is an elite right and benefit acclimated for a development allowed by the administration to the creator, allotting the innovator the privilege to confine and disallow others, for a stipulated period, from making or getting to or selling the creation without their authorization.


At the point when patent insurance is conceded or affirmed, the creation turns into the sole property of the innovator, which like some other type of licensed innovation or business resource can be obtained or sold, leased or employed. Licenses are regional rights. India licenses will just relegate the holder of the patent rights in the India district and furthermore with the rights to encroach or forbid others from bringing the protected items into India.


To be patentable the creation must oblige the accompanying qualification paradigm:


1)      The development must be new in its exceptional nature.


2)      Involve innovative procedures: Expert topic information must go before the onus of the creation.


3)      Must impart gigantic potential for mechanical application.


Innovation isn't patentable in the event that it falls under the accompanying classes:


1)      A disclosure


2)      A logical application in its most genuine sense


3) A tasteful creation, for example, abstract, sensational or aesthetic work.


4)      A mental application strategy, for example, a psychological demonstration, making a showing or maintaining a business.


The alarming patterns in the patent administration part in India are incorporated herewith:


  • In resentment of the advancement accomplished, Brexit-based vulnerability clarifies a noteworthy spike in trademark applications in the most recent decade.


  • The most recent year decision of the India government has propelled various changing patterns to the enlistment expenses required for applying for patent security and restoring allowed licenses in the trinket of patent enrollment administrations.


  • It is very injurious that patent hunt report isn't appreciated in the correct soul. Presently the hunt report is visualized in its degree for better cognizance to the candidate alongside duplicates of any referred to records.


  • The European Patent Office (EPO) has been built up in 1977 with an intention to streamline the patent application process in a progressively stringent way.


  • As far as the unitary patent objective is concerned, it has not been come to until the most recent decade. Amusingly India has chosen to leave the European Union thus its cooperation in the brought together patent is exceptionally sketchy and eccentric in its actual point of view.


The Patent recognition conscientiously shadowed by BDS Legal Services:


The significance of licenses has expanded hugely throughout the most recent couple of decades. Each organization is making a solid patent portfolio. A patent is an administrative permit that gives the holder restrictive rights to a procedure, plan or new development for an assigned timeframe. Applications for licenses are generally taken care of by an administration organization. In the event that you have an innovation or a thought that you need to be attached to your name lawfully so no one can utilize or guarantee its possession, well you got the chance to do it the legitimate way and have it licensed. So regardless of whether it's a thought, don't dither and promptly go for patent enrollment for it.


Being an urgent connection in the lawful area and, the patent enlistment process in India, BDS Legal legitimizes the method of reasoning for patent enrollment.


Top reasons why you have to enroll your patent:


  • Business accomplices, financial specialists, and investors may see the patent portfolios as a showing.


  • Sometimes, the designer might not have any desire to abuse the development himself.


  • Having contributed a lot of time and cash in building up the creation, under the umbrella of restrictive rights, the designer could get the innovation to the business market and hence get higher profits for the speculation.


  • Of course, this relies upon the monetary utility of the patent.


  • For this reason, the designer must guarantee the business feasibility of the patent before contributing on


BDS Legal Services being a patent registration services maneuver hopefully respects these starling patterns in its total small scale. It has streamlined the patent registration process in India.

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4 Reasons Your Trademark Registration Will Be Rejected


Registration of a trademark is not a case of right and there survive definite grounds for rejection that could halt a mark from getting registered.


Words which are Not Creative:


An invented word is a word which is not usual in the English Language but is recently stamped so as to give it a unique character. It must be a word carrying zero meaning or no evident meaning until one has been allotted to it.


Words which Hurt Religious Sentiments of the Citizens of India:


Consider this situation, ‘A’ starts a venture called ‘DURGA BEEF SHOP’. Now the word Durga on its own is not disrespectful and its use on a pack of incense sticks or vermillion packet will be permitted. However, Durga is a holy goddess in the Hindu religion. Also, cows are contemplated holy in the Hindu religion and use of the word “DURGA’ in relation to a beef shop will hurt the religious emotions of an entire community. So, its registration will be refused.


Indecent or Disreputable Manner:


For instance, ‘A’ sells DVDs with the trademark ‘SNUFF Movies’. The word ‘SNUFF’ is a usually used jargon which means slaughter or arousal. The use of this term in a Trademark will be contemplated to be encouraging slaughter and pornography and its registration will be rejected.


Descriptive terms:


There are definite descriptive terms which also should be neglected in your application. Descriptive terms are those terms which define the service in a very ornate or shinier way such as the use of words best, classic, awesome, etc.


Neglect the refusal of a Trademark application


Every firm should ensure that they do not utilize any of the above terms in their trademarks.


Mark should be distinct and meaningful.


The mark chosen should be dissimilar to surviving registered mark.


More than just apply for your Trademark Registration office in Pune, we try to guide you overall benefits of Trademark Registration under provisions of law. Contact BDS Legal services, the best trademark registration service provider to fend off any possible future infringement of the same by competitors in the market.

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Copyright Registration: Preservation against larceny of the authentic work


Copyright of anything is a kind of intellectual property whose rights are preserved. A Copyright registration online is accomplished to preserve against larceny of the authentic work just like a trademark or a patent. A copyright is a lawful right that is given by the law of the government to the authentic creators of the intellectual property. The intellectual property could be anything from written works, plays, music or artistic work.  By carrying copyright over intellectual property, the authority over the property is preserved and its creativity is remunerated.


What Type of Rights does Copyright Registration Incorporate?


Any Copyright Registration will include certain rights like that of the following: –


1) Rights of duplication of the contents

2) Rights of selling the copies

3) Rights to save an amount of sold copies.

4) Rights to convey with public then adaptation and translation of the work.


What are the Laws Relating to Copyrights and the History of Copyright Registration in India?


In our country India, any copyright registration process is accomplished under the copyright act of 1957. This copyright act of 1957 will lawfully preserve your authentic creations from unofficial uses. But concepts or procedures or something like a technique of operation or any mathematical idea will not be copyrighted. And so this copyright Registration authority is only given to the makers by the law for the work like written works, plays, music, artwork, cinematography/films, etc.


One reason to register a copyright


Legal preservation: – A copyright registration will render as accepted as correct until proved evidence in the court of law as for the possession of the authentic work. So this copyright Registration provides the owner legal preservation for their work.

  • If you are looking for a Copyright Lawyers in Mumbai, you can choose BDS Legal. BDS Legal is well-known for copyright registration in Mumbai. They will help you solve any complicated IP issue instantly. BDS Legal Services, as an intellectual property service providers offer outstanding legal solutions in the chosen practice areas with a strong emphasis on ethics.
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Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification


Every entrepreneur or trader anticipates enlarging his venture with good speed and trust among its consumers. An enterprise is all about trust in consumers and its Quality Management System (QMS). International Organization for Standardization or the ISO, an International nongovernment body with practically 162 countries as its members has progressed the system of ISO 9001 Certification which deals in Quality Management System (QMS) of an organization. It is a general standard which can be applied to any kind of organization, whether it's small or big. ISO 9001 Certification is a necessary need if you desire to propose for a public sector work.


Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification


Businesses and Organizations have been utilizing the ISO 9001 standard and earning important benefits for years. ISO 9001 Certification can be essential for a business organization in the following ways:


Revamping the trustworthiness


As the basic aspect of ISO 9001 is quality management and are broadly identify standard all around the world, it is a usual basis to know the quality management system of a business. ISO 9001 is the common need for the firms gazing for a supplier. In this way, the ISO 9001 certification does revamp the trustworthiness and image of your venture in an organization.


Better consumer fulfillment


Consumer fulfillment is one of the key features of the ISO 9001 certified quality management system. It is prominent under the ISO 9001 standard to increase consumer fulfillment by revamping the manners and concentrating on consumer requirements and expectations. A joyful and contented customer is the basic wish of almost every venture enterprise which secondarily persuades more customers.


Constant refinement of venture


Since the ISO 9001 wishes the constant refinement of a firm, it is also a way to invariably revamp the execution of your business. The certification gets you greater business opportunities which finally outcomes in the constant business refinement, revamping year after year.


With easy & avid ISO certification process, BDS Legal is most noted as an ISO Certification Services Provider in India and have certified more than 500 clients.

BDS Legal services are capable enough and will be glad to provide free advice about various ISO series certification, and quality compliance certificates.

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Benefits of Importer – Exporter Code for Businesses

IEC means Importer and Exporter Code, which is acquired by the business entity for import into or export from India as part of the venture transaction. Registration of the code has appertained under CHAPTER III of The Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992. It is issued and allotted by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) as a 10 Digit unique number. The IEC Registration Certificate is considered as the main document for the venture which is into the imports and exports business.

Any business organization involving individuals can appertain for the registration for import into or export from India. The renewal of Importer – Exporter Code is not needed as IEC are allocated and permitted with life-time validity i.e. till existent of the venture. Application for IEC Registration is made online to DGFT partnered with mandatory documents.

Advantages of IEC for Businesses

Ventures have great choices through import and export business to unbolt the international market for their product or services they are included in. The IEC code is the main demand to enter into international market which assists the expansion and evolution of the business to an exact standard. Here are the advantages of IEC Registration for Businesses.

Worldwide Market Reach

As said, it is the main demand for the import into and export from India for the goods and itemized services which authorize the ventures to unbolt the chances across the worldwide in the international business market. It augments the worldwide reach of the venture and hence opens a door for expansion and evolution.

Online Registration

Obtaining IEC is the entire online process through its usual portal. The online IEC registration application makes quarrels little with clarified documents list attached forthwith to aid the application.

Do you want to do Import Export Code Registration?  IEC is mandatory for every business entity before commencing import and report activities. To know more about IEC Registration Online, please contact BDS Legal Services team now.

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All you should know about FSSAI Registration

As an accountable member of the food section you likely already have a food license. And if you are operating your venture on the basis of a license made under the earlier food Acts then you require transforming that to a license under the FSS Act 2006. If you have not completed that then you have very little time left to transform to the new license.


According to FSSAI Registration Consultant, through a notification dated 13 July 2016, the FSSAI has made amendments to the Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 2011, which concerns to the time period for getting a food license. These directives have been called the Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Business) First Amendment Regulations, 2016. Through these directives, the FSSAI has altered the time limit for getting the licenses for food businesses from thirty-six months to sixty months from the date on which the directives came into force, which is 2011, so utmost food operators can get their licenses.


If you estimate the time period for acquiring the license from 2011 you will get to know that time is short now. A few weeks back FSSAI already intimated that for transforming licenses/ registrations under previous Acts to FSS Act 2006, they would no longer enlarge the dates beyond 4th August 2016. So if you require transforming your old licenses to the FSS Act 2006 you will require proceeding fast. Apply for your licenses quickly as a license provides you the conviction that you are FSSAI compliant and so can focus on operating your venture fruitfully. You will also earn the trust of customers as a well-grounded food venture.


Are you looking for FSSAI license consultant in Mumbai? BDS Legal does FSSAI Registration Services and offer excellent support to the clients in obtaining FSSAI license.

What is Import Export Code?



Import and export business is a very usual and hot topic in the globe of a venture. This is the sector, which permits your ventures to develop quickly and enhance your worldwide reach. Import and export also enhance the economic infrastructure of a country by emerging the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


There are some basic and processes which are necessary for the importer-exporter business. One of them is the Import Export Code (IEC) Registration  It is an important need for the persons or any other venture type who deals in import and export business in India. Import Export Code is released by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) of Commerce and Industries Ministry of Government of India.


What is Import Export Code?


Import Export Code, which is frequently abbreviated as IEC is the first registration needed for the individuals who are dealing in Importing or exporting goods and services from India. IEC is a 10 digit unique code released by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). It is a mandatory document in import and export business.


Import Export Code is a criterion which does aid in developing up your venture to a level. IEC, once released can be utilized by the venture entity through the survival of the entity and there is zero renewal or filing issue. All the importers who import goods into India need the Import-Export Code Registration. Also, all the exporters who export goods out of the country require Import Export Code as well. Involving all this, banks too, require IEC if you demand to send money abroad.




Import Export Code is a chief document for the individuals who deal or are ready to start in the business of Import and export. Section 7 of the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992 states about IEC.


Do you want to do Import Export Code Registration?  IEC is mandatory for every business entity before commencing import and report activities. To know more about IEC Registration Online, please contact BDS Legal Services team now.

Source: http://bdslegalserv.com/Other/import_export.html

Let us understand the Procedural Aspects of Patent



This refers to the grants from the government that provides you exclusive rights over your invention for a specific amount of time, in exchange for full disclosure.


So, let us know the Procedural Aspects of Patent:


Who Can File A Patent Application?


An application for a patent for an invention can be generated by any of the following persons either alone or jointly with another:


  • true and first inventor
  • his /her legal assignee
  • legal representative of departed inventor or assignee

Foreign Filing License:


No person resident in India shall, except under the authority of the written permit can register any application outside India for the grant of a patent unless:


  • An application for a patent for the same invention has been made in India not less than 6 weeks before the application is registered outside India, and
  • Either no secrecy direction has been given under Section 35(1) in relation to the application in India or all such directions have been canceled.

A request for foreign filing license may be registered on prescribed form with detailed description of the invention and the drawings, if any, and the prescribed fee.




Every application is usually published after the expiry of 18 months period form the date of filing of the application or the date of preference of the application whichever is earlier.


The applicant can request publication of his application prior to the normal period under a request through an advised form and fee.


The early publication regulation however does not apply if:


  • Secrecy directions are charged under Section 35 of the Act.
  • Application has been abandoned below Section 9(1) of the Act.
  • The applicant has withdrawn his application three months prior to the expiry of said advised period of 18 months.

Early publication can result in advancement of substantive inspection of application and in early grant. Also, early publication is beneficial for acquiring provisional preservation in cases where the applicant foreshadows infringement.


Patent registration online in India is very easy if you choose BDS Legal. They will help you in getting your documents prepared online. They make the process easy and successful with zero risk and help you with Patent registration services with simple and easy process.

Source: http://bdslegalserv.com/services/patent.html

How to Register Income Tax Returns (ITR) Online In India?


Filing income tax return may seem to be a strenuous task. But, is not really so. Filing online just involves a series of activities and some prerequisites to ease out the complete procedure.

Pre requisites of ITR Filing

This is not the legal or compulsory step but a redolent way to make things simpler. Maintaining the documents and information useful in advance which would be required during the e-filing process but guides you manage things well. Some documents which must be assembled prior to start with the filing process can be listed as:

  • PAN card
  • Form 16 or other document describing your income source
  • Bank details ideally bank passbook or statements
  • Aadhaar
  • 26 AS
  • Tax deposited receipts / challans
  • Loan details – Home Loan or education loan Statement holding yearly EMI summary
  • Details of receipts of LIC or medical policy premium paid
  • PPF passbook
  • Alternative Investment details
  • 80G details if you made any endowment during the year




For filing your return online you firstly need to register yourself with the income tax department.

If you are already filed you can move with e-filing your ITR by entering the login credentials namely, User ID being your “PAN” and the password you set last time. In case you don’t recollect your password it can be easily retrieved by your last year filing details, bank account details, security ques and other manners alike.

Selection of ITR Form

Selection of correct ITR form is one of the most important steps. The tax department advises different tax forms for different assesses. The ITR forms for AY 2018-19 has not been issued yet but an understanding about ITR forms for AY 2017-18 and AY 2016-17 can be drawn from this image.

Filing necessary details

After registration, arrive filing necessary details. Following details should be added in ITR form:

  • Basic details like Name, Address etc
  • PAN details
  • Verify ITR form selected. Ensure return is filed under correct section. Section 139(1) – original return, 139(4) belated return, 139(5) revised return, etc.
  • Check your taxable status whether you have tax refund or tax payable, etc.
  • Enter details as per your form 16 or other documents you own, from all sources of income.
  • Enter details for subtraction you wish to assert. Like deduction under section 80C, 80D etc
  • Inspect the total tax liability calculated.
  • Enter TDS details, which can be imported directly from your 26AS through TRACES.
  • Enter endowment details if any.
  • Mention your bank account details. Number of bank accounts you acquire, give details of all operating accounts and one primary account details in which you wish to receive refunds.
  • Affirm the declaration and proceed with generating XML

Are you looking for Income Tax Return Filing, Mumbai? BDS Legal Services offers Income Tax Return Filing in Mumbai for our clients.

The Three Important Points You Need To Know About MSME in India




Do you know the beneficial piece of India’s inheritance economic model and a part of the critical supply chain for products and services? That’s MSME.


MSME has initiated in the year 2006 in India. There are still some service sectors that was not yet involved in this sector was included in the definition of the Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises making a historic change to this Act. Therefore leveraging the stretch of the sector even now government as well as MSME Registration for Service Provider simplified the MSME Registration online with the paperless work.


The further Importance of MSME in India has been described below :


  1. It generates large-scale employment: Enterprises that are comprehensive in this sector requisite low capital to start new business. Moreover, it generates a vast opportunity for the unemployed people to employ. India makes about 1.2 million graduates per year out of which the total number of engineers are around 0.8 million. There is zero economy so far that could offer that large number of fresher in one year only. MSME is the boon for the new entrants.
  2. Economic firmness in terms of Growth and leverage Exports: It is the most important driver in India contributing to the tune of 8% to GDP. Considering the benefaction of MSME to manufacturing, exports, and employment, other sectors are also gaining from it. Nowadays, MNCs are buying semi-finished and additional products from small enterprises, for example, buying of clutches and brakes by automobile companies. It is valuable in creating a linkage between MSME and big companies even after the execution of the GST 40% MSME sector also applied GST Registration that plays an important role to enhance the government revenue by 11%.
  3. Empowers Inclusive Growth: The inclusive growth is at the top of the schedule of Ministry for Medium, and small and Medium-sized enterprises for several years. On the other hand, poverty and impoverishment are a discouragement to the development of India. Besides, it involves peripheral sections of a society which is a key challenge lying before the Ministry of MSME.


We, at BDS Legal, are MSME Registration Consultants in Mumbai and offer excellent support to our clients in obtaining MSME license.