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What can be patented in India?

The patent registration is a very critical and important process in India. The patent is acquired by the inventor of an idea or innovation so that they acquire the sole rights for duplication, replication and usage of that particular invention. 

The patentee will receive numerous benefits and advantages out of the legal procedure of acquiring a patent registration online for their innovation. 


The competitive environment in every industry makes it more difficult for organizations to reach the customers and run their business successfully. 


Any innovation is widely appreciated and adopted by most people in a developing country like India and this makes it more important for the innovator to get their idea patented and enjoy the entire rights of exploring their idea or innovation exclusively.


For what all can one acquire the patent rights in India?


There does not exist a clear list of what all can be patented but certainly, there are certain criteria that are to be fulfilled to acquire the patent registration. 




The criteria to be fulfilled to acquire the patent registration are:-


  • Innovation

The invention must be the first of its kind and unique. It should be different from all the existing innovations. The invention must not have been claimed by anyone else in the country. 


  • Practical Usage

The inventions can be patented only when they are practically applicable and be used extensively for the betterment of the industrial operations. The practical applicability of the invention is the most important criteria that are to be considered while applying for patent registration. 


  • Novelty 

The innovation has to be novel and only then it would qualify to the completion of the patent acquisition. 


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