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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Trademark Registration In India?

A Trademark can be a logo, design or any expression that represents any product or service or a brand or any organization. The Trademark registration provides exclusive rights to the owner to replicate the logo, design or expression. 


Trademark is essential for the companies to sustain the tough competition in the market. The registered trademark provides numerous advantages to the brand/organization. 


Importance of Trademark Registration in India


1. Brand Identity

  • the brand identity of any organization is established through the trademark registration that they acquire. The trademark registration provides the brand/organization with an identity that the customers could easily connect and relate thereby creating a connection of the brand/organization with the customers. 


2. Unique

  • trademark registration provides a unique brand image to the brand/organization that enhances the overall exposure of the brand. The economic slowdown has caused intense competition between organizations and this makes it even more important for the organizations to be unique and possess a unique selling proposition in order to sustain and survive the tough competition. 


3. Protection

  • Trademark registration provides the legal protection to the name, logo, design or expression from being used by any other business. The protection is essential as once a brand symbol becomes popular other businesses tend to replicate the same and leverage on the brand equity of other brand's trademark to boot their businesses. This would be of great disadvantage and loss to any organization. This is also an important reason to contact trademark registration service provider and get trademark registration in India. 


4. Permanent

  • registration is permanent and thus helps the brand/organization to build a great image and brand association over the years and register the brand trademark in the minds of the customers. 


5. Business Development

Trademark registration helps organizations to develop their business as they are now legally capable of exploring much more opportunities and developing their business for better productivity of the organization. 


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Source: http://bdslegalserv.com